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the official team


First and foremost a skilled and passionate kitesurfer, he is the founder and owner of Lords Of Tram. For the past six years, he has been dedicated to making the sport more popular and accessible to everyone through this event.


An expert in marketing strategy and a kitesurfing enthusiast, he is one of the key brains behind Lords Of Tram. His business mind have helped spread the event to all corners of the globe.


A kitesurfing pioneer, he joined the team in 2023. His role is to lead the race and ensure that it is conducted as safely and organized as possible. He guarantees the spectators an unforgettable event.


A kitesurfer at heart, he immediately connected with the identity of Lords Of Tram. He is in charge of the event’s website. Coding holds no secrets for him.

EMILIE Mengelle

Passionate about kitesurfing, she manages the volunteers of the event. She is also the chief physiotherapist for the athletes, ready to respond first in case of injury or accident.